Librarians, dealers, appraisers, collectors, tax authorities, and scholars all will find new as well as traditional uses for the material American Book Prices Current provides in its online version.  Whether you are cataloging, collecting, pricing, seeking frequency-of-sale information, appraising, or looking for unpublished material, our databases will help you. ABPC Online is guaranteed to delight anybody who likes simplicity, speed, and elegance. And it looks handsome on an iPad or iPhone or Android, in fact on any smartphone or tablet, as well as on a computer.

Our records cover the period from September 1975 to the present, and we add to the databases daily. If you click or press on the Auctions tab above you will see which of the world’s many auction houses we include.

You will enjoy a multiplicity of access points.  Discover how many Baskervilles bound by Derome le jeune have been sold at auction or how many copies of Moby-Dick bound in black cloth have appeared; find all mentions of Goethe in letters and manuscripts as well as those written by him; locate the documents signed by Lincoln as President.

You can choose a variety of displays for your results, including by most recent sales or by price order. And search results can be printed, downloaded or emailed. You will see the bibliographical references used by trained ABPC staff to create entries (e.g., STC, Howes, Brunet, etc, numbers) as well as issue points, bases for name-authority decisions, etc. We check every entry. All prices in foreign currencies are also expressed in U.S. Dollars at the time of sale.

The online version of American Book Prices Current is available by annual subscription only. The basic subscription is for 3 machines, be they computers, tablets, phones or a mix of those. Thus you can go online with us at the office, at home, on the go, or even in bed.  The price for the initial year is $595 if you are a librarian, appraiser, or dealer, and $800 if you are not a book or manuscript professional.  The annual update will be $185. If you need access for more machines, please contact us directly for pricing. If you have a large network, we can arrange for access using IP range rather than access- and passwords.